Interpersonal Conflict

Beginning Tues January 29th, 2019: 8-Week Addiction Recovery Therapy Group

These group therapy sessions are designed to help the individual identify and accept that the use of drugs and alcohol are problematic, and that internal and external factors can help the individual achieve abstinence. The 8-Week Curriculum Includes: • Acceptance • Surrender • Enabling • People, Places, and Things • Moral Inventories • Trauma Date: […]

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Beginning Feb 19th 2019: Anger Management Men’s Group

8-Week Anger Management-Psycho-Educational Group ($20 per session – $160.00 for all 8 group sessions) “The best fighter is never angry.” ~ Lao Tzu Anger can be a way to express feelings that threaten someone’s well-being. These groups will help participants identify triggers to anger, physical warning signs, anger reduction strategies, and coping skills: Expressing emotions […]

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Beginning Mon April 1st, 2019: Women’s 4-Week Psycho-Educational Therapy Group

Join us for this 4-Week Psycho-Educational Therapy Group designed to address the specific needs of women.

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