Thought Of The Month Sept 2022 ~ “Reality and Responsibility…”

By Vince DiPasquale

Welcome to the fall season, a special time of the year. It’s almost like the world comes out of heat hibernation and returns to reality. We are reminded during this season of two special words, reality and responsibility. These words are both scary and beautiful at the same time. We spend a good portion of our lives avoiding reality. Many times, we play the “someday” game, i.e., someday things will be better; someday I’ll do this; someday I’ll do that. It reminds me of the famous Peanuts cartoon characters, Charlie Brown and Lucy. Remember when Lucy held the football for Charlie Brown to kick? When he went to kick it, Lucy would pull it away and Charlie would fall on his rear end. Charlie would then get up and attempt to kick it again with the same result. The Peanuts gang would ask, “Don’t you know she’s not going to hold it?” Charlie responds, “Someday she will.”

So often our lives become unmanageable because we refuse to face reality. We also play a game called the “blame” game. It’s so much easier to blame other people for our failings than it is to take responsibility for ourselves. One thing I have learned is that life becomes so much simple and more beautiful when you live each day by facing reality. It’s such a gift when we learn to accept reality, learn from it, and get on with life. I’ve also learned that I only hurt myself when I hold resentments. Let them go. Face them, heal and move on. Letting go with forgiveness is to allow us to heal from our hurt. It takes a special person to face the reality or our life with spirit of forgiveness. We need to look at all the experiences of life as gifts. Our experiences are God’s way of teaching us and making us strong. If we only take the time to realize that the greatest spiritual word on the face of the Earth is acceptance.  Nothing in life happens by accident. From the moment of our births our families and life experiences are our greatest teachers, and hopefully we face each experience with a positive attitude. Everything we do in life depends on the way we face reality. I’m a big believer that if we have the courage to face our history, it will become our greatest teacher. Please don’t be afraid of reality. It will give you the strength to look at each situation in a positive way. Remember you are your attitude. Our attitudes are learned. Take the time to make sure your attitudes are positive so life can be lived in a healthy way. Be open to the wonderful lesson’s life is dealing us.

Along with reality comes the great gift of personal responsibility. Remember to be responsible is to be free. So many of us have become so dependent on so many persons, places, and things that we have forgotten how important it is to have a feeling of independence while we are learning to become responsible. It is a process that takes time, effort, and personal investment. Responsibility is something we can’t take for granted. It’s so easy just to sit back and be dependent on others. We all remember the famous slogan.

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” Life is such a beautiful process. If we accept it and are open to it, we’ll be able to grow into mature, responsible people.

To mature and accept personal responsibility isn’t easy, but it’s so rewarding. Please let’s all come out of hibernation and face the reality of life. Remember you can run, but you can’t hide. Sooner or later reality and responsibility will find you. Take time during this fall season to ask ourselves if we are willing to walk our spiritual journey called life, facing reality and responsibility.

Don’t forget to face all these moments that help us grow through the eyes of gratitude. Hopefully, one day you’ll be able today,“I am grateful for what was, what is, and what will be. I’m willing to face all the realities of life with spirit of personal responsibility.” Enjoy the fall season. As the leaves change and mature let’s hope we can all do likewise. Be thankful for all the experiences life has given us and let’s pray that we can see their reality through positive eyes.