Anger Management

Live Seminar Thurs 3/4 @ 7PM: The Emotion Code -The Invisible Epidemic;  “Discover the Hidden Forces Within You”

Our Emotions are such a natural part of our existence that we often take them for granted. Like fire, they can warm us or burn us. Emotions drive many of our decisions and actions, for better or worse. We experience the world not just by what we think but especially through what we feel. This […]

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2021 Podcast “Let’s Talk About Anger Management” Now Available On The Starting Point YouTube Channel!

As part of The Starting Point Ongoing Education Series, our Executive Director Loretta Depka and Starting Point practitioner Gary Dock met recently to discuss “Anger Management — what is it and who needs it?” Episode 1 of this new Podcast series is now available on The Starting Point YouTube channel. See below for the link […]

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