Anger Management

2021 Podcast: “Forgiveness” with Kevin Elsey, MA, LPC is Now on The Starting Point’s YpouTube Channel

To forgive, or just forget? You’ve been fired; your partner has cheated on you; someone cut you off in traffic; you were abused by someone in your past.  These situations can leave you feeling hurt, angry, and wanting nothing but revenge.  How can you forgive when you have been wronged?  Why should you?  What if […]

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NEW Meeting : July 17, ACIM (Course of Miracles) “Hybrid” Meeting

A special ACIM (Course of Miracles) meeting will be held using a “hybrid” format (in-person, side-by-side with Zoom) using Wednesday’s night Zoom codes (below.) This meeting will be held on July 17th at 12PM. Part of this meetings purpose is to obtain a head-count on those who wish to meet in person now that Covid […]

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2021 Podcast “Let’s Talk About Anger Management” Now Available On The Starting Point YouTube Channel!

As part of The Starting Point Ongoing Education Series, our Executive Director Loretta Depka and Starting Point practitioner Gary Dock met recently to discuss “Anger Management — what is it and who needs it?” Episode 1 of this new Podcast series is now available on The Starting Point YouTube channel. See below for the link […]

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