2021 Podcast: “Forgiveness” with Kevin Elsey, MA, LPC is Now on The Starting Point’s YpouTube Channel

To forgive, or just forget?

You’ve been fired; your partner has cheated on you; someone cut you off in traffic; you were abused by someone in your past.  These situations can leave you feeling hurt, angry, and wanting nothing but revenge.  How can you forgive when you have been wronged?  Why should you?  What if someone doesn’t forgive us? And why is it so easy to stay mad?

In this podcast, Kevin Elsey, MA, LPC discusses forgiveness. The process of forgiving has been shown to improve health and peace of mind for those who forgive. Practicing forgiveness is a form of self-care that can decrease depression, anxiety, and unhealthy anger. While it isn’t always easy, letting go of grudges can lead us to a path of improved physical and emotional well-being. Kevin shared different approaches to forgiveness and offer some practical tips on how to forgive.

Because if we can’t forgive, we might be the only one who suffers.

Kevin Elsey is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has spent the majority of his professional work in the hospice field providing bereavement support including spiritual direction and tools for forgiveness.

Kevin’s goal is to help his client to clearly conceptualize what is hampering their well-being and develop a strategy to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. As with most things worth having, wellness requires effort, consistency, and accountability. Because each of us is unique and there is no one size fits all approach to wellness, his therapeutic method is tailored to your individual needs.

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