New Zoom Workshop: “Codependency, Food, and Addiction” Wednesday’s 6/10 Through 7/29 (from 3 to 4:30 PM)

Codependency, Food, and Addiction What is codependency and why is it such a problem? How does codependency affect my life choices, and my recovery from food and other addictions? How does codependency keep me from creating the life I want? Presented By: Vincent DiPasquale, MA and H. Theresa Wright, MS, RD, LDN. Join these two […]

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Opioids and the Older Adult \ “Education is Prevention” : Help The Starting Point to Share This Free Community Offering

Friends, With regards to the current crisis of opiate addiction, we are battling some frightening statistics: Almost one-third of all Medicare patients — nearly 12 million people — were prescribed opioid painkillers by their physicians in 2015. That same year, 2.7 million Americans over age 50 abused painkillers, meaning they took them for reasons or […]

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Thought Of The Month: Aug 2018

“The KISS Principle” By: Vince DiPasquale Some very special people taught me these messages of life. My Dad would always tell me as a child; “Relax, enjoy each moment, remember God in in charge. Don’t be afraid to fall down then you will learn how to get up.” So many teachers in my life always […]

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