Thought Of The Month: Aug 2018

“The KISS Principle”

By: Vince DiPasquale

Some very special people taught me these messages of life. My Dad would always tell me as a child; “Relax, enjoy each moment, remember God in in charge. Don’t be afraid to fall down then you will learn how to get up.” So many teachers in my life always gave the same messages, “Life is a simple journey with a beginning and an ending. Don’t try to figure life out, don’t analyze it, just live it.
The old timers in AA taught me for years the three secrets of recovery: Simplicity, Stupidity and Prayer. Live these three principles in the spirit of gratitude and humility and we will get the joy of living. Let’s take time to reflect on these principles.

Simplicity or keep it simple, life is not really complicated. We make it crazy by trying to control and organize life. Just live one day at a time. We are all God’s children. We need to believe that God is in charge. Just think each day we have been given from God the gift of life. Let’s try to live each day in the spirit of gratitude and humility. Try to be open to the many lessons and teachers that will come into our life today. Each moment is precious. The simpler we make life, the more we will understand that life is a mystery not to be solved. This is the true meaning of acceptance. One of the most spiritual words in life is the “Acceptance” of life. The simpler life is, the more serene and peaceful the journey will be.

This also leads into the question of the KISS principle keep it simple stupid. Let’s look at the word stupidity with a positive spin. Too much knowledge is dangerous. Why do we always try to figure everything out? Life is just to be lived, not analyzed. There are so many things in life that just can’t be explained. Sometimes the sickest part of our body is between our ears. Everything in life has a purpose. Mother nature tries to teach us that life is just a mystery. The more we try to control the journey the more we get frustrated. Why do we make everything so complicated? We confuse life instead of living it. Learn to go with the flow and stop thinking. Most things in life we really can’t figure out. Maybe all we can do is live life in the spirit of acceptance. I look at life’s journey in a simple way; when I was 20 years old, I thought I had all the answers, at 30, I discovered the questions. At 40, I realized there really are no answers. Finally, we learn just to live life and not try to figure it out.

Prayer is our connection to the unseen world. The old timers taught each morning to start your day on your knees; ask for help and pray to be open to God’s will. End the day on your knees with prayers of gratitude. Scripture tells us that can move mountains. The 2nd step tells to come to believe, that there is an energy guiding us. Prayer and meditation open up the door to our soul. We are taught that there are ways to pray, but stronger than words is the spirit within each of us. Our third step teaches us all we need to know, let go and let God. All of us need to stop playing God and let the Holy Spirit flow through us. When you speak to the God of your understanding from your heart and gut, you are praying. The secret is to share your feelings, your hurt and your joy. At times we are foxhole prayers; we need to be in constant contact with God through prayer. Here’s some forms of prayer; baby prayer, gimme, gimmie I want, I want: let’s make a deal prayer, (“Get me out of this jam and I’ll make 90 promises”) plea bargaining prayer, (“You don’t expect me to do all 90 promises. How about just two?!)

Real prayer is of the spirit and it comes from our heart and we are open to God’s will, not ours. Let’s all try to be people of prayer.

Remember, keep it simple and don’t try to figure life out, just live it one day at a time. Always remember that God is in charge. Pray every day to be open to God’s will. May God bless and guide us all on the journey.

Sending prayers and Love!