Consciousness And Conscientiousness (From Tom Augustino To Vince)

Good Morning Vince,

Being quarantined at home has brought up many feelings and thoughts about my life. In the beginning I felt like a caged animal. As you know, I crave direct personal contact with other people. I always would judge other people who were satisfied being alone, as if they must have a defect. Boy was I wrong!!

I have been forced to develop a mindset of being in the present.

Every thought and action I now take, from the moment I wake up till the last thought when I fall asleep is deliberate. I brush my teeth with intention, I shower every part of my body with the only thought of cleaning my body. Planning and preparing meals has become a profound experience. Gathering food, cooking, and even setting our table to sit down with Patti and Giovanni at every meal has brought back a satisfying, and long sought-after family ritual.

Being conscience has been a desire of mine for thirty years. I always thought it was unattainable. Before this Quarantine I lived my life in the past and the future, worrying only about making the next right move, by making those decisions based on my past experiences. Miraculously, that thinking has vanished!!

Each day starts with a brand-new beginning, each night ends with a greater satisfaction. It feels like time has actually slowed down. I’m beginning to appreciate so many little things exactly as they are, with the wonder of a child. I am also accepting and even appreciating the separation from every way of life I’ve developed throughout my entire life. I never thought I had choices. I thought I had to work and make a living, making money, accumulating things, and people along the way.

I never, ever, thought about what I actually wanted out of this life. Only about what I thought I needed to do out of necessity. Now as I sit and live on a new and conscience level of deliberate intentions to every little aspect of my daily life at home with my family, I get a new feeling of total satisfaction at each moment. So, I guess that’s why the time has slowed down enough for me to awaken to this new paradigm.

Thank you, God, the higher power, the Universe, or whatever is in charge of things. I know that life as I’ve known it will never be the same since the 2020 Pandemic. Whatever the outcome, I am grateful for having this opportunity to see my life in a whole new way.

It’s so funny, I first thought I was being put in a prison, now I think I was given a freedom that I could have never attained without the threat of the Coronavirus: CONSCIENTIOUSNESS.

A moment by moment way of life that helps me appreciate life completely on life’s terms, as God has always intended for me. I just had to step out of the way long enough to see it.

My hope is that other people who have been involuntarily placed in a similar position as I have, can take a look at their own existence, and see the beauty in Gods Will, (and I believe that what is now happening is ALL Gods will).

Not to be a smart ass, but felt like people (including me) were all becoming more and more self-centered, believing that we were all separate from each other, so we had to “get what you can, while the getting is good”.

So, my own lesson of the Irony of our current world situation is this: we are actually all one, while we were forced into this temporary exercise of physical separation.

So, for now I’m ending my rambling before I start sounding like a “walking Fortune cookie“.

With love from your forever friend,

Tom A