Thoughts From The Language of Letting Go: “Accepting Change” (from Vince D)

I’d like to share some thoughts from my meditation book, “The Language of Letting Go: Accepting Change“:

The winds of change blow through life; sometimes gently, and, at times, like a tropical storm. Gives us a time to adjust to a new way of living, to get our balance, time to catch our breath. Sometimes we resist the change, hoping things will calm down so we can get back to the way things were. Is it possible we are being prepared for a new normal?

Change will sweep through our lives to take us where we are going. We can trust that Our Higher Power has a plan in mind, even when we don’t know where the changes are leading. The winds of change will take us where we need to go.

Today God, help us to let go of our resistance to change. Help us to be open to the process. Help me to believe that the place we will be dropped off, will be better than the place where we where picked up. Help us to surrender, trust and accept even if we don’t understand.

Sending prayers and love to all. May God bless and guide us on our journey today and every day.

Vince D.