Thought Of The Month June 2022 ~ “Choose an Attitude of Gratitude!”

By Vince DiPasquale

As we enter the month of June, we think of graduation, school closings, baseball, and the official beginning of summer. It’s a time to reflect and look at the life with a spirit of gratitude. Let’s all take a moment to reflect and look at the life in a positive way.

Take a moment to meditate on your personal spiritual journey. At that moment of your birth, you came into this world as a pure, beautiful child. At that moment you had all that you needed for life. You entered five different family systems, with each system having some form of dysfunction.

  1. Our family of origin, blood family.
  2. Our neighborhood, cultural, or environmental family.
  3. Religious family system.
  4. Peer family
  5. Society family

Each of these family systems are supposed to be our teachers and mentors to guide us through life. Unfortunately, most of us must experience many negative or dysfunctional areas so that we can awaken to the positive lessons in life. I know that my higher power, who I call the Boss, has sent me many beautiful teachers. Some I listened to and some I didn’t. However, I know now that if I try to look at all parts of my life with the spirit of gratitude, I will attract what I need for my life. Even our mistakes weren’t really mistakes. They were a result of our negative messages and thoughts. A long time ago a protestant minister had the courage to write a book called, “The Power of Positive Thinking”. Norman Vincent Peale decided that we all have the power given to us by God to look at each experience through positive eyes. In 1935 the founders of AA and its early members understood this. They gave us a beautiful gift, “This 12 Steps”, which is our guide to the spiritual awakening and the discovery of the beauty and strength that we all possess. Each one of us is a miracle in progress. Each day we need to say, “thank you” to yesterday for all its many lessons and be open to the new lessons of today. As you wake up each morning say “thank you” for another day. Take time to pray for the gift of openness and whatever we experience will then come into out lives and we will attract it with the gift of gratitude. Did you ever think that one day you’d be able to say, “I’m grateful for today, grateful for yesterday, and already grateful for what will be”?

Take the time to look at the life through a different set of eyes. Don’t talk about anything negative. Think positively. Look at life as a gift to be shared. Hopefully you’ll be able to see the rainbow at the end of the storm. One day you’ll be able to look at life in a simple way. There’s a beautiful saying, “a child shall lead them.” There’s a little child inside all of us. Celebrate that child and get out there to play, share, and enjoy each day. If you invoke the power of positive thinking, good will follow. Remember each one of us is a gift. Please don’t take it for granted.

Each day reflect and celebrate all the lessons of life. Enjoy life, it’s worth living. Enjoy the special season of summer. Get out and have fun. Think positively and all good will come to you.