Thought Of The Month: May 2018

“Let Go & Let God”

By: Vince DiPasquale

May is the month of new beginnings. Spring is here making it a time for new ideas and adventures. We need to meditate on the wonderful Gift of Faith. “Faith can move mountains”, we are taught in the Tao. God’s teachings are easy to understand but hard to put into practice. Understanding is knowledge, living and practicing God’s teachings involves the Gift of Faith.

In the twelve spiritual steps of Alcohol Anonymous we are taught to “Let go and let God”. We are being guided in life by a power greater than ourselves. Each one of us must learn to search within for the gifts and talents God has given us. Let’s take time to meditate on our spiritual journey of life. We are not accidents, we are in this world for a purpose and we are not done until our Creator calls us home.

Let’s try to visualize each of us getting ready for the miracle of our birth. God and his angels met with each of us and gave us a mission and everything we need for the journey and then sent us into this dysfunctional world. The great gift they gave is the power of faith. As children we were the closest to the angels. Slowly we forgot how simple and beautiful we are. We have to go through the experiences of this world. The more we try to understand and control the journey, the harder it becomes. The more we try to figure out life, the more confused we get. Remember we are on God’s journey. We are only here for a short period of time so stop trying to figure it out. You’ll be guided. Everything happens in God’s time, not ours. The secret is to live everyday as your last. Be open to all that God sends your way. Live by these simple principles and we’ll be led back to the Source of Life.

Live one day at a time”. Yesterday is over and tomorrow is not here so just live in the moment. Only today is real. “Detach with love from negative persons, places, and things.” Don’t carry resentfulness in your heart. Use an old program saying, “Pray for them, wish them well, let them go”. Remember they also came into your life to be your teachers.

“Live in the spirit of honesty, humility, humor, and healing.” Be honest with yourself and others but temper all honesty with the energy of love. Humility is the gift we’ve been given by God to allow us to be teachable. The more open to life, the more we will grow.
Humor is the gift of being able to laugh at life. Laughter is a gift God gave us not to take this world too seriously. Sometimes we have to laugh even when things aren’t funny. Believe me, it’s God’s medicine.
Healing is a great power. It allows us to make peace and learn from all of life’s experiences. It allows us to be in touch with every experience and to learn that through healing we can discover something positive from every negative in life. It teaches us the balance of nature of the yin and yang.

Let go and let God” is the ultimate principle of faith. The more we try to control life the more we will destroy it. To let go is to live in the spirit. To control is to destroy the spirit. Life is such a wonderful journey if you allow yourself to go with the flow.
To have faith is to believe and pray each day for God’s will for us and the power and energy to carry it out. Faith is the gift God has given us. Live by these simple principles of life and be open to your guides and don’t worry. If you live in the spirit of openings and gratitude each day you will experience things beyond your wildest imagination! Listen to your heart ~ it is God’s gift to all!