Thought Of The Month: June 2018

“Life is such a beautiful process ~ let us learn how to trust it.”

By Vince DiPasquale

As we begin the gateway to the summer months, we are asked to look at the difference between trusting the process and controlling the process. Life is a journey which we are asked by God to go on. God knows that each one of us has been given all that we need for the journey. We have also been given the gift of free will, which allows us to make choices and to be responsible for our choices. The journey, we are told, will not be easy. Each one of us must face this dysfunctional world so we can learn our lessons. God has told us not to be afraid because God and his angels will travel with us. Many of us will have to choose between the external world and the spiritual one.

The external world is based on the EGO (Ease God Out). We can so easily make external things into our gods such as money, greed, and riches. Remember the more toys we possess the more worry and fear of losing them will control our lives. What would you rather leave behind, possessions for others or the gift of your spirit which will live forever? God has created us to be spiritual beings. At times because of hurt, fear, shame and guilt we are stuck in looking at life in negative terms. We are reminded by all the great teachers that everything in life that is worthwhile must be worked for. Struggle is not a negative term ~ it is the pathway to new discoveries on life’s journey. For every negative in life, there is a positive.

Let’s reflect on different periods of history from the Roman Empire to all of the great wars and armies. Imagine all of the lives that were lost over the attitude of trying to control external things. Each of the empires in time died or will die because they are based on greed and possessions.

We are taught to “let go and let God”. We are given the beautiful gifts of powerlessness, acceptance, openness, willingness to change and grow, gratitude, sharing and service to others. These are all the spiritual gifts. What is our attitude toward life? Are we always trying to figure it out or to make sure we are in charge or do we find it much more challenging and rewarding to go with the flow? If we are open to God’s will for us, then no matter what happens in time we will discover the rewards. God sends us teachers and messengers each day. We are always being led. Do your work and try to look at life through the eyes of learning and growth. With so much to explore and learn, we’re never done. We are taught by many great teachers such as St. Francis, Theresa of Avila, St. Augustine, Thomas Merton, Lao-Tzu, Dr. King and all the other recovery teachers, like Bill W., Dr. Bob, Lois and the other founders of AA. They were great prophets who came into this world to carry a message of simplicity and hope. Each one of us has been asked to be a prophet today. We are asked to look within, to be in touch with all the wonderful gifts we have and to have the courage once we have done our work to share it in service to others knowing we will receive more gifts in return. Our prayer every day should be that we try to look at life as a simple journey to be enjoyed and to be shared. If we allow ourselves to grow spiritually and look at all the people in life as teachers we will enjoy the simplicity of each day like a child. Each day when we awaken say a prayer of gratitude and openness and ask to look at life through these simple slogans:

  • “One day at a time.” ‘We only have one day, and we must live it to the fullest.’ ‘Remember, yesterday is over, face it, accept it and let it become our teacher.’ ‘There is no tomorrow because when it comes it is today.’
  • “Easy does it.” Take your time, be patient, everything in life that is worthwhile takes time. Growth is a slow process, that is why it lasts. My Dad would say pray for the slow steady rain to nurture the crops. The cloudbursts destroy. Patience is a great spiritual gift.
  • “But for the grace of God.” Always remember that some of our greatest teachers are those who are far worse off than we are. Everything in life can be dealt with if we approach it with a positive attitude.
  • “Keep it simple.” The formula for life. Simplicity is an ultimate spiritual word. The simpler our lives, the more serene they are. Life is a simple journey for complicated people. Remember less is more. Do one thing at a time and enjoy the journey of life.

Summer is a time to sit back, go slow and enjoy life. Remember life is to be lived and celebrated. Let’s make time to play, socialize and just enjoy each other. Have a peaceful and restful summer.

May God bless all of us on our journeys.