Thought Of The Month March 2020

“March Madness”

By: Vincent DiPasquale

This title has been given to the month of March because of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Yet as I reflect on the title of madness what I think of is the spirit and energy of change. To many of us it can be madness. We don’t realize how we have been programmed in so many ways. As we go on this wonderful journey called life to truly experience who we are, which is the ultimate goal of life, we need to always face life with an open mind and in the spirit of growth. There really are no absolutes. Everything is in progress – even our connection to our Higher Power is always in the process of development. Let’s look at the journey of life from five different areas. As human beings we have the following five parts ~ physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social.

Physical – We have a body, a sacred gift given to us by God. We need to build a relationship with our body. It is always in the process of change as each day we get older. If we treat our body with honor and respect it will treat us the same. Physical madness is when we beat up our body in many ways and sometimes, we have to hurt really badly until we are ready to surrender and begin the journey to the healthy side. Isn’t is interesting that we think that we are invincible. Struggle and pain are ways we grow. In time we learn to listen to our body and we stop the madness and accept the reality that we can nurture and respect this sacred gift that God has given us. Be gentle and love in a special way God’s gift to us, our physical body.

Intellect – We are people with gifts and talents. Each one of us is unique. We have a responsibility to develop our skills and talents. If you improve your mind you can do things beyond your imagination. The madness is that we over-analyze and are critical of ourselves. We are all God’s children and we have so many gifts to share. However, unless we use them, we will become stagnant and stuck, preventing growth. Don’t hide your gifts and don’t run from learning. We are never done because there is so much to be discovered on our journey. Keep feeding your mind and you will discover your potential. Always remember the power of positive thinking.

Emotions – One of God’s greatest gifts is to be in touch with our feelings; which makes us fully alive. To be able to share our feelings is such a gift. Feelings takes us on a roller coaster of life. All of our feelings our special. Remember feelings are neither right or wrong. Whatever you feel just go with it. They teach us the pulse of life. If you don’t believe me go to the heart section of a hospital. Hook yourself up to a monitor and if the lines go up and down you are alive. Feelings and emotions are the heartbeat of life. The madness is when we try to stuff or deny our feelings. All feelings need to be processed and shared. We all need to have outlets for our feelings. They need to be released to people who are healthy and will listen to us. When you are able to share your feelings, you will feel clean inside. Remember for every negative feeling there is a positive one. Stay balanced and alive.

Spiritual – Our spirit makes us the unique individuals that we are. We are all spiritual creatures connected to the spiritual circle of life. Once again, we ask the question, “Who am I?” We are all in the process of writing our life’s story. Each one of us is a unique book in progress. We need to celebrate life. Our spirit will only grow when we share it with others. The madness is when we look at ourselves negatively and put ourselves down. We damage our spirit through addiction and fear. We are all powerhouses of love. Take the time to be a person of faith and believe in yourself. There is a free spirit in all of us. Take responsibility for your life, live it fully and know that you are part of God’s creation. Your positive energy will reach out and touch others. Build your spirit, be open to grow, take responsibility for life and remember you are never done. Play, celebrate and always remember we are connected to our Creator to pray, meditate, play and love. These are the gifts of the spirit which will never die. As you touch others it will live in them. Be a person of spirit and love to be fully alive.

Social – Finally we are social creatures of which none of us is an island. We have need to interact and be connected to others. We all need playmates and people with whom we can share our gifts and talents. The madness occurs when we isolate and run from life. Unless we share our gifts and talents with others we will shut down and become depressed. We all have a need to be part of a family. We are all lovers and need to share that love if it is to grow. Get out there and enjoy the ride but don’t do it alone. We need each other.

Healthy March Madness is to let loose and celebrate ourselves and others. We are God’s children. Let’s love each other and be open to learn from each day. May we all be blessed on the journey of life.

Enjoy the ride!