Thought Of The Month Jan 2020

“The Spirit of Gratitude & Humility”

By: Vince DiPasquale

As you travel to all parts of this country, from the hustle and craziness of our cities to the wilderness of the mountains, we all have one thing in common. Each day that we awaken we are given the gift of life. We need to try to start each day with a prayer of gratitude. Let’s take time to reflect on all of Gods’ gifts and try to look at each gift with the spirit of gratitude and humility. Life is such a mystery and we as humans sometimes forget that God is in charge, not us. There are many mansions in our Father’s house. There are many ways to connect to God’s spirit. Over the years through experience I have learned that the greatest gift is to live life with an open mind. Each one of us through our experiences can find God’s message. Each morning, with a spirit of humility, I read my four special prayers! The Serenity Prayer (Serenity, Courage and Wisdom), The Third Step Prayer, ‘relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will’, the 7th Step Prayer, ‘I am willing that you have all of me good and bad’, and the 11th Step Prayer which sums it all, ‘Father, help us humbly say many times each day “Thy will be done.”

Over the years I have learned that starting the day with prayer helps me to face each day with an open mind. God’s spirit is in every person. In the second grade I was taught that we are all made in the image and likeness of God. We are all teachers and pupils. Each day is a new learning experience if we face it with an open mind. It took me many years to accept that nothing is absolute, everything is always in the process of change.

God gives us the gift of family (it takes a village to raise a child.) Over the course of life we experience our connection to many families. I am grateful to all the families that were and are a part of my journey today. My wonderful and crazy Italian family have given me my foundation and courage to face many situations in life. The priesthood, my wife’s wonderful family, and my recovery family, are all part of who I am. Thank you, God for the gift of family.

I have gratitude for the gift of struggle over the years & I try not to take anything for granted. When you have to struggle for something, it means more to you because it’s earned. My Dad was a great example to me. He had to struggle and work hard for his place on this earth. Thank you for being a positive teacher on my journey. I pray each day to try not to take anything for granted. We get stronger through our struggles.

Thank you, God for helping me to try to be a person of service to others. Help me to try to love unconditionally & accept others, just as they are, & be thankful for the diversity of being different ~ lifestyles, culture, and beliefs. Help us to know that there are many great lessons from all.

My personal journey has led me to experience so many different life styles and belief systems, from my strict Italian Catholic background – from a God of fear to a God of unconditional love. From my Italian culture to work in the Puerto Rican and African American communities, to experience the Native American Indian culture. My journey has led me to experience many different ways to worship God. I had the experience of being part of the Catholic community, the Jewish traditions, a participant in a Muslim mosque, being a part of many different Protestant communities & the Indian community connections to the Great Spirit. Diversity is the foundation of life.

The Recovery Community has taught me that if you have an open mind there are many ways on the spiritual path. Each person must find what works for them. Always be open to news ways and new paths. Thank you, God for the gift of each day. Help me to be open to what each day and moment teaches.

Finally, thank you God for all the special teachers and angels who have helped me on my journey, especially my Mom and Dad, my first and most important teachers. And also for sending me a special partner to share my life and to grow old with.
God, you have given us so many gifts and teachers on our life journey. Teach us to be grateful for the many lessons, grateful for today’s journey, and to be grateful for whatever the future brings. Thank you, God for the greatest of all gifts – life.

May we be open each day to the journey. God bless and guide us all.