Announcing JUNE 2022 Podcast Schedule – 4 part series – “Loss of a Loved One” with Pat Obst and Loretta Depka Zerbo

“Loss of a Loved One”

Life changes forever and you change forever. Your grief journey is shaped by the special relationship that you shared. In your Afterwards Journey, embracing your grief allows you to sit with it, listen to what it’s telling you, wrestle with the hard parts, learn about yourself, let go of what keeps you stuck, and move forward.

Join Loretta Depka Zerbo with our special guest, Pat Obst, LCSW, to talk about the loss of loved ones. Held at 6:30 pm on four (4) consecutive dates in June:

Pat Obst is a therapist who specializes in loss and grief. Pat has walked the grief journey with many clients and has experienced losses personally. This led her to create the Afterwards Journey, to help clients grieve, heal, and recreate their lives after loss. More information about Pat can be found on her practitioner profile at