Thought Of The Month: January 2019


By: Vince DiPasquale

It’s hard to believe that it’s a new year. It’s a time for renewal and a chance to rededicate ourselves to the main purpose of life, our spiritual journey of growth. We are taught by all the great teachers to continue to ask the ultimate question of life, “Who are we?” Since each one of us was created in God’s image, we continue to journey through our time on this earth as people, always in the process of trying to be open to the wonderment – and the struggles – of life. We are taught by our Creator with the spirit of love and generosity we can discover much of our potential, remembering the beautiful slogan, “There but for the grace of God”. Be open and gentle with each person we meet following the Golden Rule, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Our first responsibility is to learn how to love and accept ourselves. This is the foundation of all spiritual growth. Then we will have the gift of love to pass onto those we meet. Love is the ultimate energy that burns inside all of us. We are all lovers. This is the core of our spiritual self. We were given this gift by our Creator. It is our responsibility to continue to rediscover all of God’s gifts in us. Love is the energy that heals, forgives, and allows us to be connected to each other. We are not islands who can grow alone. We need each other. Each person is part of our human family. The energy of love is the bond that brings us together.

We are also told to face the ultimate questions of life in the spirit of abundance and generosity. All of us have so much to share if only we would learn that abundance is God’s gift to us. Our Creator reminds us that we need to share and live in the spirit of generosity and much will be returned to us. Have faith, be open, don’t worry, and understand that we will all receive God’s care. God and his angels are always there as our guides in this world. They are the messengers of love and generosity.

We are taught to look within not without. Everything we need for this journey of life has already been given to us by our Creator.

We are asked what is more important, you or what you own? The more we have, the more we have to protect. If we are at peace with who we are, we will not be disappointed. Getting to know yourself is what the journey of life is all about. Let go and let God be our guide. We need to learn how to participate in the flow and process of life. Having the gift of faith will allow us to discern what is important in life. The Creator sends us so many messengers. Each person, each circumstance, each experience we have faced happened so that as people we can continue our journey of self-discovery and awareness. This is the goal of our spiritual journey. Life is such a wonderful gift. Let’s learn to face our past, our history, and let them become our teacher. Face life, celebrate it, and be open to where we will be led.

I have been given so many great teachers ~ my parents, my family, my church, my recovery family at Starting Point, and of course my wife, step daughters and my grandchildren. I thank God every day that I’ll continue to be open and listen so that I can always be in process of learning new lessons.

My prayer for myself and all of you is that we can face this wonderful journey of life with the energy of love and the spirit of generosity. Remember to give is to receive, to love is to be loved. Take time as we celebrate this New Year to renew our commitment to these two wonderful gifts of love and generosity. May God bless and guide all of us on this wonderful journey called life. Please don’t try to walk this journey alone. We are all part of God’s human family. Love and generosity can’t exist unless they are shared. May God bless us all in the New Year of life.