Thought Of The Month: February 2019


By: Vince DiPasquale

Welcome to the month of February, a time of preparation for spring. We all need time to be quiet and learn to wait with patience for the rebirth of new life. Nature is our greatest teacher. Our winter season reminds us to go within so that we may rediscover the spirit of life.

In the 12th verse of the “Tao”, we are told the following: “The five colors blind the eye. The five tones deafen the ear. The five flavors dull the taste. The chase and the hunt craze people’s minds. Wasting energy to obtain rare objects only impedes one’s growth. The master observes the world but trusts his inner vision. He allows things to come and go.”

The ego tries to control life and the spirit allows us to live life. We are told to allow things to come and go. We are told to value what’s important. Our inner peace, or serenity, is a gift to be discovered. When your mind is open to learn and grow, you will discover the real gift of life. We are a gentle people open to the gift of constant change. Life is a spiritual process of learning and rediscovering the gifts that God gave at our creation. At that moment God made a contract with us and gave us our life plan. When we have completed our journey, we’ll be called to return to our Source. Our spirit and our uniqueness is what makes us who we are.

Let’s try to look at life through positive eyes. Our Creator wants us to live in the world and to view it through our inner spirit. Our spiritual journey depends on how we look and treat life. Possessions are only temporary which is why they are meant to be shared. If we learn to live life with joy and peacefulness, the energy within us will reach out to others.

This month as we look at nature, the trees are bare. The air is cold, the sky is gray and on a snowy day the world stands still. Our Creator is trying to teach us to stand still and enjoy the lessons of nature. If you face the world with a peaceful heart, you will see everything in the light of creation.

We are being taught not to waste energy on possessions because they are fleeting. Our inner self is our real self. Let’s ask ourselves some questions. Do you love yourself? Do you see yourself as a gift from God? Are you open each day to change and grow? Do you allow things to come and go? Are you willing to let go and let God? Are you at peace within so you can see life with positive eyes?

Remember why we are in this world – to experience, explore and learn our life lessons so we can complete our journey back to our Creator. Please remember that less is best. Observe the world without being lost in it. February is a great time to pause and reflect on the real mystery of life. Winter gives way to the rebirth of the beauty of spring. Let’s awaken to our inner self and share our gifts with others.