Thought For The Month – Sept 2017

“Live, Laugh, Love” By: Vince DiPasquale

As summer comes to an end and we once again go back to reality, I always feel like the world changes gears.  We are reminded that we live in a world that truly makes life complicated.  We have a choice: we can get bogged down in the rules of the world or we can learn to listen to our spirit. The world operates around the ego. Power, control, money, prestige and image create stress, anxiety and loss of self.

Let’s take time to reflect on the special words that will take us on the journey to the world of our spirit.  We are spiritual beings in a human body.  Our journey on this earth is short.  Our body is only a home for our spirit.  There will come a time when our human home will get leaky and our spirit will have to move on to the unseen world.  As we walk the journey of earth, let’s take time to live, laugh and love.

Live ~ Life is a journey if we choose to live in the spirit of the willingness to change and grow.  We need to live in harmony, balance and integrity.  We are interconnected to everything in life.  One of the greatest discoveries in my life is that there are no absolutes.  Everything in life is in constant process of changing.  This to me is the adventure of life.  Enjoy each moment, stop trying to figure life out, just live!  One of the greatest readings I do each day is a little pamphlet that is entitled, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”  Yesterday is over, learn lessons from it.  Tomorrow doesn’t exist, so just live this day today as though it is your last day on the earth.  To live one day at a time is the spirit of acceptance, gratitude and humility.  Each day is an adventure, trying to teach us that you can’t control life.  Try to let go and know that God has lessons for us to learn each day.  One of life’s greatest secrets is to go with the flow.  Each day as I pray the 11th step prayer I am reminded, “constantly remind us that we are no longer running the show.” Father, help us humbly say many times each day, “Thy will be done.”

Laugh ~ One of God’s greatest gifts that we have within us is the gift to laugh at life even when it’s not funny.  Take time to look back on life’s journey and be able to say, “Did I do that?”  We have been on so many journeys and done so many things that we need to see our history with the gift of laughter.  We live in a world that by nature is dysfunctional and because of our humanity do we ever learn lessons!  I love telling stories of my Italian heritage with pride and laughter.  I am reminded daily to try not to take anything for granted.  I’m convinced that when you look at the world through the eyes of laughter, you are able to have a greater sense of harmony, humility, honesty and healing.  Years ago the old timers in AA taught me some great lessons by inviting me to join the Higher Power Club.  They called it the 4H Club.  When you have the courage to get honest, you will experience humility.  If you have a sense of humor and can laugh at life, you will be able to heal and learn positive lessons.  My Dad would always say the manure you put in the ground will become fertilizer for plants to grow.  Our history with its’ manure becomes our fertilizer for personal growth.  Don’t be afraid to laugh, it cleanses the soul!!

Love ~ is the energy of life.  The gift that God gave us at birth.  When we live this gift and share it with others, it is increased a hundred fold.  We are all lovers.  As children we were spontaneous and filled with the spirit.  Life has a way of hurting us and the world around tries to use this energy in a negative way.  We all have to go through our own struggles until the light of love rekindles in each of us.  Slowly, we learn to stop being so hard on ourselves and learn how to love ourselves again.  The Bible teaches us that a little child will guide us.  As we learn to love ourselves the energy in us will flow out to others.  Inside of us all is a spontaneous free spirit.  When we let go and let God run the show, we will experience so much in life.  Always remember love must be shared, so it can grow stronger.  We have the Holy Spirit in us.  Face each day with gratitude, love and humility.  Be open to the journey filled with the spirit and energy of God’s love.

As we begin the fall season, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.  Live, laugh and love each moment on this earth!

May God bless and guide us, sending prayers and love to all,