Opioids and the Older Adult \ “Education is Prevention” : Help The Starting Point to Share This Free Community Program


With regards to the current crisis of opiate addiction, we are battling some frightening statistics:

  • Almost one-third of all Medicare patients — nearly 12 million people — were prescribed opioid painkillers by their physicians in 2015.
  • That same year, 2.7 million Americans over age 50 abused painkillers, meaning they took them for reasons or in amounts beyond what their doctors prescribed.
  • The hospitalization rate due to opioid abuse has quintupled for those 65 and older in the past two decades.
Source: AARP America’s Addiction to Pain Pills, by John Rosengren, AARP Bulletin, May 2017

How we are helping:

The Starting Point is now partnering with the “Quest for the Best Foundation” of Paoli PA to provide a free educational program entitled “Education is Prevention” throughout the Southern New Jersey area. This is intended for over-55 communities and older citizen centers. We are now in the process of approaching these communities with this program.

Summarized below are the key topics to be discussed during the workshop.  Each session is approximately 60 to 70 minutes long with time for Q&A provided. The practitioner who is currently presenting most of these sessions is Carol Bakey, a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. You can view her practitioner profile here.

Summary Curriculum:

  1. What Are Opioids?
  2. How Do They Affect The Brain?
  3. Warning Signs Of Abuse/Dependence …
  4. How Does This Relate To Seniors?
  5. Overdose Risk Factors In Older Adults …
  6. Life Issue Risk Factors …
  7. Early Intervention …
  8. The Road To Recovery.

How you can help:

If you are affiliated with an over-55 community or encounter an organization that serves older adults and might be interested in this program, contact Rich Sara via phone at 856-628-6485 or via email at rich@startingpoint.org. Rich is assisting in program coordination.

Thank you for your consideration – and for helping us actively fight the scourge of opiate addiction!