New 2021 Podcast “How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!”; Dr. Yvonne Kaye Interviews Vince DiPasquale, The Starting Point’s Founder

Enjoy this new podcast created by Dr. Yvonne Kaye on Nov 13th, 2021.

In Dr. Kaye’s own words, “this podcast … covers all aspects of growth and overcoming challenges. Anything goes. Laughter. Outrageousness.

Speaking with people who have done extraordinary things for the benefit of others. It’s about releasing those wonderful gifts we have been given and using them. I look forward to being with you!”

A survivor of the Second World War, Dr. Yvonne Kaye uses her experiences in working with people in emotional pain, grief and loss, believing in the spiritual power of humor as a healing tool.
Dr. Kaye has been in the field of human service for many years, encountering extraordinary people whose courage has amazed her. Her passion is offering enrichment in life, mentally and emotionally, to those who have no concept of their own creativity.

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