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Thank You for Celebrating Starting Point’s 40th Anniversary!

Our 40th Anniversary Celebration Dance at Auletto Caterers was great fun and a wonderful opportunity to laugh and spend time with lots of old and new friends, enjoy dancing (even all kinds of line dances,) feast on good food and desserts, and reminisce with Jerry Blavat.

To those that joined us, we hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did.  Thank you so much for making the afternoon so very special.  To those that could not join us, we missed you and hope you will join us next year’s Anniversary Breakfast.

Allie Miller, our Executive Director, presented Vince with a 40th Anniversary gift by re-dedicating The Starting Point’s Lecture Hall as the “The Vincent DiPasquale Lecture Hall (see photo above).”  His words are worth repeating:

Vince, The Starting Point has now been in existence for 40 years. That is truly a remarkable achievement and worthy of the heartiest congratulations. The Starting Point has helped thousands of people who have crossed its threshold over the years, me being one of those people. It truly has been—and continues to be—a special place for many people, and that special place was created because of you and who you are—your  vision, your effort, your hard work, your faith in the Higher Power. On behalf of all the people who have been helped by The Starting Point, by your creation, thank you. Some of the people who have been helped have their names memorialized on the walls at The Starting Point. We thought it most appropriate that your name also be memorialized on the walls of The Starting Point while you’re still around to see it and enjoy it. So, the Lecture Hall, from this point forward, will be renamed and known as “The Vincent DiPasquale Lecture Hall,” and all who enter that space will see the name of the man who has imparted wisdom, guidance, and hope to countless individuals over the years.

If you would like to hear more words of wisdom, guidance, and hope, join Vince at The Starting Point for his free Wednesday Lectures at 12 noon and 7 pm.   We look forward to seeing you soon.

More photo’s can be seen here at our photographers Amy Lipson’s Flickr site. Many thanks to Amy for donating her professional work to us at this special event!

Dec 7 through Jan 25th: NEW CODA\ACOA Recovery Group Program

The Codependency/ACOA Recovery Group is a vital step for anyone who has lived with addiction, dysfunction, neglect or abuse. These situations often inflict wounds that can undermine positive feelings about ourselves and our relationships.

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Take Time to Enjoy Your Achievements

Many of us may spend considerable time to strive, accomplish, and achieve. This may be especially true for those of us who have come from some type of dysfunctional system. The desire—maybe even need—for us to be recognized and valued by someone for something usually provides ample fuel to propel us to even more and greater accomplishments. Of course, working towards attaining goals, in and over itself, is not bad, but after reaching a goal I think it is healthy for us to take some time to enjoy what it is that we have attained.

This thought came to mind this last Sunday while I was at The Starting Point’s 40th Anniversary Dance. There have been considerable effort, energy, and sacrifice over the years by many people who have contributed to the success of The Starting Point these past 40 years, its founder, Vincent DiPasquale, of course, being chief among them. But before we here at The Starting Point begin planning for the next fiscal year and possibly worrying about potential budget shortfalls, it was time this past Sunday to enjoy what The Starting Point had already become. There was dancing, laughter, eating, and conversation. We had fun!

I recommend that before you move on to the next item on your “to do” list, take some time to appreciate where you have already traveled. Doesn’t it seem appropriate for the mountain climber to stop periodically to just enjoy the view?

Allie F. Miller, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Executive Director

Thought For the Month – November 2017

“Willingness, Humility & Gratitude”

By: Vince DiPasquale

Each morning begins a new day.  Let us kneel before God, our creator and look at the earth and begin each day with a spirit of humility, knowing that we are a part of God’s new day.  As we enter the month of November and the earth goes through a new cycle preparing for winter, we begin our journey with an attitude of gratitude for the gift of life.  When we are given this wonderful gift, take time to be quiet & listen to God speaking to us through all the situations of this new day.

Let’s begin each day with prayer, asking that we have the willingness to be open to God’s will, not ours.  Look around at all we have been given.  Allow the experiences of our past, both with our mistakes, and our accomplishments, to be our strength to live just this day with humility and acceptance.  Listen to the prayer from one of my meditation books:  “Great Spirit, I humbly stand before you along with the new sun, the Mother Earth, and the smells of the morning. I ask you to direct my thinking today.  Let me live in silence.  Teach me your Wisdom.  Teach me to love my brothers and sisters.  Let me respect the things you have made”.

We are all spiritual creatures, in a human body.  We are limited by our humanness so we can’t walk the journey of this world alone. We need guidance and direction that only comes by asking God for help in prayer.  Your Holy Spirit is our guide and strength.  We all need spirit guides. Sometimes God speaks to us through situations in the seen world.  Our angels are messengers, and they are all around us. We need to be open and listen to them.

We refer to the month of November as a time to renew our spirit of gratitude and acceptance of all that we’ve been given by God.  It’s a time that families come together and start the season of traditional holidays that mark the ending of another year.

To be thankful for so many gifts especially the gift of life is something we cannot take for granted.  Our recovery program teaches us to have a spirit of openness and willingness to change and grow.  The true spirit of humility is the total acceptance of self and both our struggles and talents, knowing that God will be our guide and strength.  All of our struggles are battle scars of growth.  Thanksgiving is celebrated one day, but the real Thanksgiving Day is every day that we walk the earth.  Take time this month to reflect on all of our past experiences, and embrace them.  Always remember our history is our most powerful teacher.  Plan life but always be open to its changes.  Be grateful for each day, treat it like it’s your last.

When we stop and look at life, the world and all of creation, we are humbled to know that we are just one part of God’s mosaic.  Our creator has the master plan.  All we can do is live each day, do our part, treat ourselves and all we meet with love and respect.  Gratitude teaches us that there is a balance in life.  For every negative there is a positive.

Just for today, let us think in willingness, walk in humility and pray in gratitude.  For all that we’ve been given, teach us love, respect and care for ourselves so that we can pass this same energy on to all those we meet.

Thank you God for all you have given us, thank you for all that has been taken from us, and thank you for all that will be.

May God Bless us each day on our Journey!