Help Us to Help Others

Dear Friends and Family of The Starting Point,

Each of you have a story and, like most stories, they have a starting point.

  •  I didn’t realize I was abusing prescription drugs, but found heroin cheaper…
  •  I had been drinking for 20 years when I met Vince…
  •  How did I get here? When contemplating suicide for the second time…

And then, there are the stories of loved ones — the nephew struggling with mental illness, the daughter fighting an eating disorder, the sibling suffering with depression, the spouse besieged with PTSD, or the parent grieving the loss of child. The Starting Point has been here to help.

For many, your own story is entwined with The Starting Point. We are asking for your help to help others. Please choose The Starting Point as your charity by making a donation today by clicking on this link. In gratitude for all donations of $100 or more, you will receive a free copy of Vince’s story,My Spiritual Journey, which captures many of the stories he has told over years and gives you even more insight into the good man we all know and love.

The Starting Point has a story too. Vince DiPasquale and six friends imagined and created the original Starting Point as a transition house for alcoholics. Adapting to the needs of today, Vince re-focused The Starting Point as an education and referral resource center for individuals of all ages and families that are faced with the many challenges of living with mental health concerns, addiction, and recovery. Yet, this is only part of The Starting Point’s story:

  • The Starting Point is a community of family and friends that has been here for you, your friends, family, and neighbors for 41 years.
  • A community created, nurtured and guided by Vince DiPasquale (with some major help from the Higher Power), a safe place filled with acceptance, recovery, hope, love, and gratitude. A place that words cannot describe, but its presence and strength is felt by the 400 people that cross The Starting Point’s threshold every week.
  • Vince free lecture series continues on Wednesdays at noon and 7 pm with nearly 100 participants each week. And, if you miss a lecture, you can visit Vince’s Corner on our website at for audio and video lectures.
  • The Starting Point is home to 22 support groups weekly, houses 42 private practitioner practices, and offers many different workshops and educational sessions on mental health, wellness and recovery.

Your donation will touch thousands of lives. Please give what you can. Remember that for year-end gifts of $100 or more, you will receive a free copy of Vince’s latest book “My Spiritual Journey.”

As Vince would say, with prayers and gratitude,

Loretta Depka Zerbo
Executive Director