Thought of the Month – January

by Vince DiPasquale

Happy and blessed New Year! It’s hard to believe that it’s already here. Let’s take some time to reflect in a spirit of gratitude, humility, and learning, on yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Yesterday is not over. Much has happened both positive and negative. Take time to inventory the past year. Try to look upon all the experiences and somehow try to see the positive in all that has happened. We are all a year older and hopefully a little wiser. Ask yourself some questions. Have you taken the time to nurture and take care of yourself? What is your vision of life? Are you able to see the good in all experiences? Have you spent time learning the value of acceptance? Are you able to accept the reality of yourself with all of your quirks? If we can learn to accept ourselves and take responsibility for our lives then we are able to accept and love others. Remember each one of us is a unique and special gift created by God. Since we are all different we can learn from each person we meet. Are you able to look upon others as your teachers? I’m convinced that there are no accidents. Whatever happened, even our hurts and losses, was God hoping to teach us about life. Take time to look at the past, face it, embrace it, and learn and grow from it. Hopefully each one of us will do this.

When we look back we should give ourselves credit for how much we have come through already. We are blessed with the power to look back on life’s experiences as gifts to help us grow. Remember your history is your teacher so face it, embrace it, and allow it to be your teacher. Whatever experiences, they didn’t happen by accident. Each one gave us the chance to learn a new life lesson. God, help us to look at our history in a spirit of gratitude.

Well the future is in front of us. The unknown. Don’t be afraid. Face each day with love and gratitude. Face the future with hope. Each day, start with a prayer to the God of your understanding, and just ask for God’s will for us and the power to follow His will. We don’t know about the future and that’s good. Being open to the unknown makes life a special adventure. Each day brings a new experience. Try to face the day with a positive attitude. Don’t worry, even our struggles will strengthen us. All of our days are numbered. We don’t know how long our journey will be. If we learn the beautiful philosophy of living’ “one day at a time,” our life will be guided in a positive way. I’ve learned a simple principle of life: when you wake up in the morning, check the obituary column.

If your name is not in it, you are having the best day of your life. Everything else is minor. It’s a great philosophy that teaches us that this is our only day. Do your work, play, enjoy each person you meet. Listed below are the greatest resolutions for the New Year. “One day at a Time”, “Easy does it”, “Live and Let live”, “There but “for the grace of God, go I”, Let Go and Let God”.

Remember to include in your resolutions the gift of doing service to others. Also remember that in giving you receive. Share your gifts and enjoy your life as we celebrate another year of life.

My prayer each day is one of gratitude for what was, what will be, and for the gift of today. A blessed and joyful New Year to you and your family.