Thought Of The Month November 2022 – “A Journey To The Child Within”

By: Vince DiPasquale

What a perfect month to just sit back, meditate and reflect on the child within all of us. I would like to share with you two special meditations that helped me to reconnect with my child.

1. Close your eyes, relax, and try to visualize yourself as a beautiful little child getting ready for your journey to the world. The Creator takes us in his arms and says to us, “I am going to send you on a spiritual journey into the world. You will experience different forms of dysfunction, fear, and struggle. You will feel joy and sadness. I will also give you freewill so you can make your own decisions, but don’t worry for I will give you the spirit and energy of love which one day you can share with all around you. I promise you that I will walk right along with you on your journey. In time you will occasionally forget the strength and energy you have within. You will experience the battle between your ego and your spirit. Remember I will always walk next to you. All you must do is call upon me and I will be your guide and strength on the journey of life to help you rediscover the beauty and love you have within. Remember my words, “A little child will lead you…. All you must do is ask and you shall receive.” Our Creator only wishes the best for us. Don’t walk life’s journey alone. If you walk with the Creator, you will be guided back to the child – your love teacher.

2. Let’s now continue the journey back to our love child. Visualize yourself going on a journey and entering a beautiful golden corridor. Walk down the corridor until you come to a huge golden door. Reach up and touch the door and it magically swings open. As you look inside at the darkness you notice in the distance a small but beautiful golden light shining. Walk towards the light. As you get closer the light becomes more beautiful until you find yourself bathed in the golden light of peace and serenity. If you are surrounded by this special light enjoy the positive energy of peace, serenity, and calmness. As you bathe in this special light, notice coming towards you in the distance, a beautiful pink light. It becomes so strong and powerful until it surrounds you. You are now engulfed by the golden light of peace and serenity and the pink light of love. As you immerse yourself in this special energy, you notice coming towards you in the distance, a little child. As the child gets closer you look and notice the little child is you! The child leaps into your arms, hugs you and tells you, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. I have come to give you the energy and power of love. I am that energy for I am your child.” Hold your little child in your arms and walk back to the golden door. As you do, notice if you embrace your child the golden light of peace and serenity and the pink light of love will follow you. Bring that child with you on your life’s journey and you will be able to see the child in all that you experience. Remember we come into this world as a simple, beautiful little child. As we walk the journey of life, let’s pray we will all be restored to the simplicity of a child. We are God’s children. We walk and talk with the Creator and one day we will all come home to our Creator. No matter what you do or where you go try to face life with a positive attitude. The golden light of peace and serenity and the pink light of love will be with you.

During this month take time to relax, meditate and be open to all of God’s messages. He speaks to us through all of life’s experiences. He is our guide.

Enjoy and may the child continue to share the gift of love with all of us!