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Sept 26, 2017: The 12th Annual Brian Sullivan Memorial Golf Tournament

On September 26, 2017, you can support The Starting Point’s biggest and most ambitious fundraiser of the year by either participating as a golfer or becoming a sponsor. The event will be held at Valleybrook Country Club in Blackwood. An afternoon of golf will conclude with a buffet dinner and a Chinese auction with fabulous prizes.

To view and download the pamphlet with all the pertinent details, please click here. 

Are you Interested in joining a golf foursome for fun and\or business to business networking? Click here for the pertinent details.

Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD)

By Margaret Worthington, BCH, CI

Does the weather make you moody?  For some it can be really debilitating and Depression sets in.  If this is your experience, then Psychotherapy or Counseling is best and none better than at The Starting Point.  It is truly the place to be!  Check out The Starting Point website for Therapists or call (856) 854-3155.  CADC Counseling, Psychotherapy, along with other modalities such as Marriage and Family Therapists and our team of MSW’s can help chase away the blues!  Come in and attend one of Vince’s free talks.  If seasonal changes get you down, don’t just sit there.  Let the sun shine in everyday– while working on yourself!

Just feeling less hope or low energy off and on during the year? Then ask to see me at the Starting Point.  I am Nationally and Internationally known and a Board Certified Hypno-Counselor in the State of New Jersey.  My work is often Physician referred.  Your first visit includes self-directed hypnosis which imparts relief and lifts those feelings.  Mega Vision and a hypnotic protocol releases natural Serotonin in the body.  Become “unblocked”.  You’ll love how you feel and learn how to keep it going while you’re working in conjunction with your therapist.  Your referral appointment with Margaret at The Starting Point mentioning this article is complementary.  I am one of the preferred Hypno-Counselors serving Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties, and I am also the Director of The Cancer Care Center of New Jersey, Inc. and The Cancer Care Center of PA, Inc. Contact me at The Starting Point and get your free appointment!

Margaret Worthington

Ext. 127 or 856.649.9339




By:  Vince DiPasquale


Let’s take some time to reflect this month on the most special word in the English language – spirituality. Each one of us, from the moment of our birth, was sent on our personal spiritual journey. In my early years this word was taught to me in a negative way. Most of us connect this word to some form of religion yet if you look at the real meaning the word has nothing to do with religion. Many times we consider someone spiritual if they belong to a church and attend services. Yet what does it mean to be spiritual? The definition of the word means to awaken to who we are. A spiritual awakening means to rediscover a little bit at a time the energy and spirit that our Creator gave us at birth.

My own spiritual journey began with the family and parents God gave me so I could begin my journey on this earth. They were dysfunctional of course, like every family, because of their humanness.

Think about it, my parents came through two World Wars, a depression and settling into a new country. Yet through all of their struggles, God sent me to learn lessons from them. The religious system they gave to me in the early years was one set around fear and guilt, a God to be afraid of. Today I realize that they gave me the strength to learn how to deal with fear and guilt, and I’m still learning. I also learned from them the spirit of family and community while living in the Italian section of Camden. They also put me in touch with my identification and history. From my Dad I learned how to be the ultimate caretaker to a fault. Today I am learning how to say no and how to set boundaries. The fear and guilt are still there but a little at a time I’m learning to be stronger. Mom taught me to be in charge and control. Slowly I’m learning to delegate and release control. These are all great spiritual lessons that I hope to continue to learn. Like any other lesson we all have to learn through the school of hard knocks, the no pain no gain message. Through the years I’ve been blessed with many great teachers. Like anyone else it took me a long time to start to open my mind to these life lessons. In 1969 I was exposed to a very beautiful and powerful spiritual program that taught me so much. As I continue my spiritual journey I’m learning there is no one way. The secret for me is to keep an open mind and always be willing to change and grow. Even though I have a degree next to my name in Theology, I didn’t learn anything about spirituality until I was exposed to the wonderful spiritual principles of AA, the Big Book of Alcohol Anonymous and the 12 beautiful steps of life.

Just think, in 1935 two men, Dr. Bob and Bill W, were two drunks who met each other and taught the great spiritual principle. They supported each other and began their journey on the spiritual path of recovery. In the early years with the help of other recovering drunks they gave us the steps, the principles of life and the wonderful suggestions from the Big Book. Today as I pray and try to live these principles they are helping me to become a better person. Below are some simple spiritual principles we can all live by.

  1. The only requirement for personal growth is to have the desire. Do the best you can one step at a
  2. Have an open mind. I pray every day that I can learn something new from each person I
  3. Progress not perfection. We are never done. Each day brings a new
  4. Have an attitude of gratitude. We have so much to be grateful Each day is a gift, even our struggles.
  5. Learn the four principles to live by, Honesty, Humility, Humor, Healing, the 4H Club of personal
  6. Let go, Let God. Let go of control and get into the flow of life. Have faith and you will be led by the Higher Power. So nice to know we are not in charge, we are equal and simply servants to each other. We have to

learn to let go of our egos.

  1. Everything happens in God’s time, not ours.
  2. Don’t worry about exteriors, things continue to grow within. The simpler we make life the more peaceful it becomes.

These are just a few basic spiritual principles. Life is precious. Make time for the most wonderful experience, if only one day at a time, learn to love ourselves. The energy of love within us will spread to others . The real definition of the spiritual journey is basic ~ love of God, love of self, love of neighbor. We can only share with others what is going on within us. Enjoy life, it’s worth living. May God bless us on our spiritual journeys.

How Focusing Can Help Us Deal With Action Blocks – Part 1

By Annie Fisher, MSW, LCSW


Focusing can help us we deal with something called action blocks; there’s something you want to be doing or think you should be doing, but you’re just not doing it like going to the gym or getting to work on time. An example of an action block in my life is though I rarely have a shortage of great ideas about creative activities I enjoy, I feel immobilized in regards to taking action. If I really want to complete an activity, like writing, I then have to push myself past a kind of frozeness that shows up in my body. Our genius bodies have a way of stopping us from doing or feeling something sometimes by way of creating an overall heaviness or a tightness in the throat. Although it’s seen differently in focusing, we know this feeling of “no,” as resistance.

If we find ourselves thinking we should to go to the gym to obtain better health which might boost our confidence to start dating again but are being met with a stopped feeling inside and end up sitting on the couch watching television instead, we might be likely to think of this resistance as the enemy. We may even add in criticism and call ourselves lazy and then head to the kitchen to eat something we aren’t hungry for to sooth ourselves. These are the long and twisted roads these processes can take us on.

Instead of continuing on a fruitless path of self-denigration or try and push past our resistance to finish the home project that we started 9 months ago, though that may be useful at times, in focusing we peer more deeply into the “no” that doesn’t want us to do the wonderful task. We bring our attention right to that stopped place in our bodies with interested curiosity and if it’s a good day, kindness. In doing this we quickly discover that there are good reasons for everything that’s happening and it’s not happening for the reasons we think. This for me, is the heartbreaking tragedy of humanity with so many lives spent in misunderstanding and judgment only because we haven’t been taught to and are afraid to look inside. So we want to develop curiosity and the capacity for the skill to stay with ourselves as well as compassion for our fear as we are learning to trust.

In next month’s e-newsletter, I will continue to describe how focusing can help us see the deeper truths of a situation that can then enable us to free ourselves from action blocks.

Annie Fisher, MSW, LCSW