“What is our Job as a Parent?” Pat O’Connor interviewed by Loretta Depka Zerbo, Executive Director

March 18, 2021

On Thursday, March 18, The Starting Point’s Executive Director Loretta Depka Zerbo was joined by practitioner Pat O’Connor, MSW, LSW, CSAT to discuss parenting, in a podcast entitled “What is our Job as a Parent?” Pat, who has a Certification in Active Parenting, has been working with helping families to lead healthier lives by offering programs such as: * Active Parenting, * Active Parenting for Teens, and * Cooperative Parenting and Divorce. She also helps partners and families heal from the effects of trauma and sexual addiction. Pat believes hope can be regained, lives can be rebuilt, and meaningful change can be created within a caring environment. 0:00 Intro 1:17 What is active parenting? 3:02 Personal experience 3:56 Role of discipline in parenting 6:46 Do not speak down to children 8:47 Child discipline and extended family 10:42 Children, the world, & helicopter parenting 12:27 Consequences should match the deed 14:48 How do you comfort your child? 18:46 What if the child is the bully? 20:36 Limit a child’s time online 22:04 When to give a child a cellphone 24:38 Back to school after pandemic 24:48 Preparing the reluctant student 26:14 Siblings of different ages & different rules 27:43 Practical life lessons 30:42 Adult children living with parents 32:43 Self care for parents 33:56 Parents hard on themselves More information about Pat can be found on her practitioner profile at https://startingpoint.org/practitioner/pat-oconnor/ . The Starting Point Website: https://startingpoint.org/ To Donate Please Visit: https://startingpoint.org/todays-donation/ The Founder of The Starting Point Vince DiPasquale’s YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/VinceDiPasquale/featured For Live & Virtual Meetings Please Visit The Starting Point Calendar: https://startingpoint.org/calendar/