Want to Join the 30 Day Challenge?

By Anna Marie Hrivnak, M.Ed.


Did you know that listening to Gregorian chants or the music of Mozart can significantly improve your mental, emotional and physical health? Studies have suggested that listening to this music can and does improve your physical and mental health because of the Hertz range (of around 8,000). Gregorian chants and Mozart’s music creates a harmonic vibration that has been proven in studies to eliminate fatigue, heal and cure disease and illness, and can help extinguish depression. With a little search you can find many articles that explain the effects of listening to this type of music. Below is the link to one such article:


If you wish to take the 30 Day Challenge simply click on the article above and listen to the music provided or go to YouTube and select your favorite versions of Mozart or Gregorian chant. After (or during) the 30 days let us know if you have noticed a significant shift in your mood or daily interactions either internally or with others. Feel free to text your impressions and insights to 609-472-1730.


Anna Marie Hrivnak, M.Ed.

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