Vision And Mission


A world where no one dies because they could not find help for mental health issues, addiction or recovery.


Provide a lifeline to save lives and families for those living with mental health challenges, addictions, and recovery.

The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey believes that everyone has a better chance of achieving success when dealing with mental health challenges, addiction and recovery when caring help and support are made available to them. That help can come in various forms, some of these being: education, learning new coping skills, support groups, talk therapy, exploring their spirituality, and/or inpatient mental health programs. Trying to navigate the many mental health service choices is nearly impossible, especially when one finds themselves in crisis.

The Starting Point believes that our vision is attainable. No one needs to die from challenging addictions or mental health issues. Families need not be pulled apart and can find the necessary level of support for their loved one(s) and for themselves. Time and time again, those walking through the doors of The Starting Point acknowledge that they need help and are matched with compassionate practitioners, support groups, and/or the educational programming that helps them deal with their problems. Many continue coming back to The Starting Point for meetings, lectures, and workshops to support their recovery, further develop their coping skills, and/or to continue their personal growth, thereby ensuring they are living the best life they can. These are our beliefs; therefore, we honor and welcome every individual at The Starting Point through the many seasons of their life.

The Starting Point is a safe, non-judgmental resource center where all are treated with respect and dignity. Founded on the belief there is a “Higher Power” and that every person has innate value, The Starting Point has built a community of caring. We save lives by providing a life-line to those living with mental health challenges, addictions, and recovery and the families that love them.


Our values (envisioned and practiced by our Founder, Vince DiPasquale more than 42 years ago) remain an integral part of everything we do, touch, and teach. We always take the time to be respectful, kind, and helpful to all who cross the threshold at The Starting Point. Our values are:

    • Everyone is welcome…
    • We nurture a culture of acceptance, optimism, partnership, and gratitude…
    • Keep things simple and real…
    • No matter how challenging, we seek to educate and support individuals and families through their journey in life…
    • Never discount the role of the Higher Power, however one chooses to describe their “Higher Power.”

Background (The Starting Point’s History)

The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey was born on October 17, 1977 as The Starting Point of Pennsylvania and it originally opened as a transitional home for alcoholics. Our first house had six residents and was started with a mere $40. It quickly grew into four group homes with 20 men. The Starting Point’s Founder, Vince DiPasquale, managed these homes and began his first lecture series at the house on 23rd Street in Philadelphia. It did not take long before Vince was asked to take his lecture series on the road, sometimes six nights a week.

Prior to the houses closing in 1985, The Starting Point had created a small outpatient detox program in a tiny office in Camden, NJ. In no time, The Starting Point quickly outgrew the office and moved to Collingswood, NJ. Once again, needing more space, The Starting Point was forced to move its five practitioners to Laurel Springs. Finally, two more moves; one to the Westmont Sentry Building, and a second move to our current location at 215 Highland Avenue in Haddon Township in 1977 with ten practitioners.

The Starting Point (Today)

The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey continues to serve people in a spirit of partnership (with help from the Higher Power.) We remain singular both in organizational character and in the variety of services offered, which remains consistent with our history.

Here are just some of the organizational characteristics that help to keep us unique:

  • A variety of practitioners, all in different disciplines.
  • Support groups, workshops, and lectures occur on-site every week (These include AA, SA, Overeaters Anonymous, and Refuge Recovery and Course of Miracles, to name but a few.) Vince DiPasquale still holds his free lecture series on Wednesdays at noon and 7 pm online. He also maintains his private practice at The Starting Point three days a week, and continues to hold us accountable to stay true to our vision, mission, and the values that he has practiced and incorporated into our culture.
  • We are grateful for what was. We are grateful for what we are today. And, we are grateful for what (and whom) we will become.

The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey is 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization that depends on fundraisers, United Way donations, corporate giving programs, and private donations to continue to serve those in need. Information filed with the Attorney General concerning this charitable solicitation and the percentage of contributions received by The Starting Point during the last reporting period that were dedicated to the charitable purpose may be obtained from the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey by calling (973) 504-6215 and is available on the internet at Registration with the Attorney General does not imply endorsement.