The Healing Sounds of Music

By Marie B Olwell, M.Ed., D. Min.


The sound of music has the ability to repair aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment as well as to restore us to spiritual wholeness. Sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being and helps us get to the source of inner peace we all desire.


The reason that we need music is that the stresses of modern society distort the vibrations of the cells in our body. To assist these distorted vibrations in returning to normal, we can choose music (vibrations) with the right rhythm, tempo, tone and melody to cancel out distortion. When a portion of the body is vibrating out of harmony, we call this condition “disease.” Our body, mind and spirit always want to be moving in a direction toward balance, yet we often have too much outer stimulus and noise and not enough time to dedicate to ourselves a better state of harmony.


Music, then, can be an important part of our program of primary prevention—the prevention of illness at a pre-physical, energy-imbalance level.


Marie B. Olwell, M.Ed., D. Min.