Vince Di Pasquale – Founder

Vince Di Pasquale - Founder

MA – Master of Arts

A highly regarded educator and lecturer known throughout the tri-state area, Vince has been active in the field of addiction recovery since 1977. He is the founder and former director of The Starting Point, Inc. of NJ, an outpatient counseling center specializing in the areas of dependencies and functioning as a multi-level support system for an individual’s personal growth and healing.

With his friendly manner and down-to-earth approach, Vince’s poignant weekly Wednesday lectures have assisted thousands of people over the years providing them with a new sense of awareness, acceptance, and the realization that ‘the power to institute needed change comes from within’. While sharing his own personal experiences, spiritual and emotional growth, Vince guides his viewers toward increased self-esteem, allowing their fears and behaviors to slip away toward a renewed and more fulfilling lifestyle. As Vince always says and is true – ‘take it easy…”

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