Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins

CLC (Certified Life Coach\Recovery\Inner-Child Coach) Healing Shadow work

An empath, healer, survivor, and teacher, Tom is a certified life coach who specializes in creating a safe space to guide you through releasing stress toward positive, permanent shifts in your quality of life.

Tom has a unique perspective having overcome his own pain and addiction to now offer realistic insight with genuine compassion. Drawing on over 28 years of sobriety, he incorporates the best of what he’s learned from a combination of 12 step programs, ACOA-Adult Children of Alcoholics, CODA – Co-Dependents Anonymous, and the program ‘A Course in Miracles’ which has contributed to the development of his life coaching style that includes Shadow Work – bringing one back to a stuck, emotional event from their past, and opening up the door toward necessary healing.

Are you ready to choose a path forward? Willing to let go of your past? Are you living your truth and values? Awake to your happiness? At a crossroads? 

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