Janice Britt-Meadows

Janice Britt-Meadows

LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker

MSW – Master of Social Work

Janice is a psychotherapist and an eclectic individual with a broad range of experience. She believes that during the cycles of one’s life – as part of the human condition – individuals are presented with challenges and conflict and with that, at times, can get “stuck”.

Using a team approach, Janice and her clients work together in a dedicated partnership through distress and conflict. She’s comfortable with all age groups, has years of clinical experience and is continuously updating her skills.  Janice specializes in trauma-informed therapy, mood disorders, conduct disorders (with adolescents), and runs both groups and workshops. She believes utilizing these tools and modalities fosters change and personal development.

Throughout her career Janice has found that conflict, turmoil, and personal distress respond positively to the application of various clinical modalities.

Contact Info

856.979.2693 – aspiretoachievecounseling@yahoo.com