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Kenneth Goldberg

PHD - Doctor of Philosophy

Ken is a clinical psychologist with 45 years of professional experience. He offers an eclectic approach to psychotherapy for adults, who are having a varied range of personal and clinical problems. He is particularly interested in counseling men who have erectile dysfunction, and to foster healthy relationships and “senior sex,” among the aging population.

Through my years of work in mental health, I have been honored to meet many people: the average person encountering temporary personal problems, the highly impaired individual who is tormented by psychosis, the abused child and the abusive parent, the person who is no longer able to work, and the floundering child who cannot finish the homework. Throughout, I’ve been awed by how our commonalities overshadow our differences.

In the end, my clinical philosophy and psycho-therapeutic approach are profoundly defined by a deep respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.”