“Let’s Talk Anger Management” ~ Gary Dock, LCADC interviewed by Loretta Depka Zerbo, Executive Director

February 3, 2021

As part of The Starting Point Education Series, on Thursday, January 14, 2021, our Executive Director Loretta Depka Zerbo was joined by Starting Point practitioner Gary Dock to discuss Anger Management — what is it and who needs it? Gary is a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor with over 25 years of experience providing various mental health and addiction services. Additionally, he offers training on various topics such as trauma and addiction, stages of change, medication assisted treatment and anger management. His work is guided by the belief that each day brings with it new opportunities of hope and redemption. 0:00 Introductions 2:16 Healthy and Unhealthy Anger- Isolation and It’s Impacts 6:17 Coping Mechanisms 8:03 Teaching Our Children to Express Anger in a Healthy Way 11:35 Conflict Resolution 14:33 Knowing Yourself and Your Anger 16:49 Helpful Techniques for Deescalation/ Staying Present 23:16 Group Dynamics of Anger Management- Healing in the Presence of Others 26:00 Mandated Treatment 29:08 Domestic Violence vs. Anger Management 32:17 Q&A For more details about Gary, go to https://startingpoint.org/practitioner/5207/ The Starting Point Website: https://startingpoint.org/ To Donate Please Visit: https://startingpoint.org/todays-donation/ The Founder of The Starting Point Vince DiPasquale’s YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/VinceDiPasquale/featured For Live & Virtual Meetings Please Visit The Starting Point Calendar: https://startingpoint.org/calendar/