We Are What We’ve Been Waiting For

We Are What We’ve Been Waiting For

By Annie Fischer, LCSW


In focusing we tend to our inner relationships through deep listening. In my previous writing I spoke about how focusing calls for our abiding presence as the needed ingredient to help heal wounded places inside.  Focusers call our repetitive, ineffective, painful behavior “stopped processes.” In first learning how to bring presence to these stopped processes inside, we cobble together our biggest and boldest self that is ready to listen in the same way we would be ready to listen with an open heart to a hurting friend even after a long day at work.


Beautifully and quite brilliantly the qualities that these places inside need in order to heal, in other words the very thing that is missing for them, are qualities we don’t normally possess or have lost connection with long ago. In order to heal, these places inside can require of us infinite patience, stout present attention, open-hearted listening, respect, fierce loyalty or tenderness. Through earnest effort and a natural unfolding of love we recover these lost qualities that simultaneously grow us and heal them. Healing occurs as a synthesis between what seems wounded and the wounded healer.


Annie Fischer, LCSW