Oct 22nd – Nov 12th: Charting The Course Of Your Spirit” 4-Part Lecture Series

This lecture series is based upon Marge Small’s experiences as an Addiction and Trauma professional and her book entitled “Floating Downstream ~ Charting the Course of Your Spirit.” Info on the book can be seen here.

Floating Downstream ~ Charting the Course of Your Spirit” demonstrates the gentle process of unearthing the “untruths” about ourselves and offers remedies. It addresses our perceptions — how we perceive situations and events in our lives. It focuses on; Reconditioning Beliefs, Reawakening Awareness, Reclaiming One’s True Self, and Realigning with One’s Essence.

Margaret is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor and an International Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with over thirty-four years of experience She holds a degree in Human Service Work and is Trained in Evidence-Based Practices. She is also a practitioner at The Starting Point of New Jersey.