Karyn Cain

Karyn Cain

RScP – Religious Science Practitioner

Karyn is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, an active, vibrant individual with a charismatic personality, and a positive force who encourages individuals to believe in themselves and tap into their potential toward leading successful, happy, and inspirational lives. Professionally, her philosophy has always been to embrace adversity, develop continuously and bring order to chaos, and personally she has worked diligently through her own life lessons, overcoming many obstacles that once held her down. Karyn now aspires to devote her time, energy, and talents to educating people about nurturing self-love and assisting clients in healing through in–depth Life Coaching sessions which end with a powerful spiritual mind treatment, also known as an affirmative prayer.

Her personal and professional journey helped her accumulate in-depth experience and expertise as a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in addiction, narcissistic abuse, co-dependency, confidence building, self-love, self-care, health, and overall wellness. Karyn helps individuals reprogram their lack and limiting belief mindsets, overcome struggles, build confidence, self-esteem, self-assurance, and healthy decision-making skills toward pursuing the life they’ve always dreamt of living! She enables individuals to choose life beyond their pain, trauma, suffering, and perceived failures transforming themselves into a magnet of success becoming their best versions emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  She can provide testimonials from clients if anyone is interested in learning more about the power of transformation through working with her as a coach.  

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215-650-7749 – team@karyncain.com