Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD)

By Margaret Worthington, BCH, CI

Does the weather make you moody?  For some it can be really debilitating and Depression sets in.  If this is your experience, then Psychotherapy or Counseling is best and none better than at The Starting Point.  It is truly the place to be!  Check out The Starting Point website for Therapists or call (856) 854-3155.  CADC Counseling, Psychotherapy, along with other modalities such as Marriage and Family Therapists and our team of MSW’s can help chase away the blues!  Come in and attend one of Vince’s free talks.  If seasonal changes get you down, don’t just sit there.  Let the sun shine in everyday– while working on yourself!

Just feeling less hope or low energy off and on during the year? Then ask to see me at the Starting Point.  I am Nationally and Internationally known and a Board Certified Hypno-Counselor in the State of New Jersey.  My work is often Physician referred.  Your first visit includes self-directed hypnosis which imparts relief and lifts those feelings.  Mega Vision and a hypnotic protocol releases natural Serotonin in the body.  Become “unblocked”.  You’ll love how you feel and learn how to keep it going while you’re working in conjunction with your therapist.  Your referral appointment with Margaret at The Starting Point mentioning this article is complementary.  I am one of the preferred Hypno-Counselors serving Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties, and I am also the Director of The Cancer Care Center of New Jersey, Inc. and The Cancer Care Center of PA, Inc. Contact me at The Starting Point and get your free appointment!

Margaret Worthington

Ext. 127 or 856.649.9339