Kit Miller

Kit Miller

As a therapist, I would like to honor lives lived, with my role as helping clients find ease as they grow towards functioning wellness.

As an Master of Social Work (MSW) graduate of Rutgers-Camden, I also earned their certificate in Violence Against Women and Children. My previous background was in the business world, working in computer support for many corporations in New Jersey. During that period of my life I earned a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In 2011 my life partner died two days before my mother. During that difficult time I discovered how beneficial therapy can be, and I decided to make this career my own. This is a very satisfying decision, and I could not be happier.

In my life, art is something I enjoy very much –from digital photography to mosaics to museum hopping. Music also is an interest (I am, after all, from Ohio, home of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!) as is raising my orchids.

My practice serves young adults and adults dealing with issues around oppression, gender non-conformity, sexual orientation, disability and differently-abled, body size and traumatic histories. In the future, I hope to offer group therapies on these and other issues, especially for greater support for parents of LGBT youth and young adults. I also work with individuals, couples and families dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma recovery and addiction issues.


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