Join Vince On Wednesdays For His New Lecture Series – The Iceberg Theory

The Iceberg Theory

A new five-part series presented by Vince DiPasquale on Wednesdays during March 2023  at noon and 7 pm via Zoom is outlined below.

Links can be found here or via Vince’s Corner on The Starting Point, Inc. of New Jersey.

March 1– Overview of The Iceberg Theory

An overview and explanation of the iceberg theory and its connection to different kinds of compulsive behaviors.

March 8  — Behavior in The Iceberg Part 1
The bottom of the iceberg (insanity) will be explained and the insane thinking that leads to our addictive behaviors, e.g. grandiosity, self-centering, worthlessness (illusion of control).

March 15 — Behaviors in The Iceberg Part 2
Secondary parts of insanity e.g., perfectionism, judgmentalism, resentments. These make up the main issue of fear and control.

March 22 — Addictions: The Cover Up
Addiction, the cover-up. Self-hatred, shame, guilt. Our secrets keep us sick.

March 29 — The Recovery Process
The recovery process, melting the iceberg involves patience, slowly healing the past and being open to healing.

You will not want to miss this series!