Holiday Gifts Have Been Unwrapped. But, Please Consider A Special Gift To Help Those Who Need It Most!

This season, we often come to recognize how fortunate we truly are! Yet, the wisdom of recovery teaches us that “we cannot keep [the] priceless gift [of recovery] unless we give it away.*”

Because of you, The Starting Point is there for those dealing with mental health challenges, addiction and recovery. You help us make an immediate difference in the lives of many individuals, their loved ones and families.

Will you help us give every one the opportunity to heal?

With your gift of $50—or whatever you can give—you will be giving the cherished gift of hope and recovery by providing the support someone needs to stay on track and reach the dreams they want to achieve.

And with our gratitude, regardless of the size of your donation, you will receive a gift: a limited-edition Starting Point bookmark!

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support. Click here to jump to our donations page.

*AA 12&12, Tradition One, p.130