Geoff Farnsworth

I’m a life and relationship coach who specializes in assisting people who
are feeling stuck, struggling with relationships issues or just wanting more
out of life.

Growing up in a alcoholic home, I found great solace after my ACOA (Adult
Children of Alcoholics) recovery work and decided to change careers from
marketing to helping others in similar circumstances who suffer from
codependency issues. I started in private practice at the Starting Point in
1990 with this specialty and continue to help people who may have grown up
in less than nurturing families, especially those affected by addictions.

In my role as a relationship coach, I work with singles wanting to attract
an ideal life partner, couples who are struggling to sustain a lasting,
loving relationship, or pre-committed couples who wish to learn the skills
to maintain a conscious, loving relationship.

Over the years I’ve become more interested in the mindfulness-based
therapies that help to access a sense of well being, clarity, inner freedom
and loving connection. I synthesize insights from neuroscience, psychology
and mindfulness training to help clients unhook awareness from their usual
ego-based identities. I believe this is the key to living a more aware,
intimate life with authenticity and compassion.

I’ve been blessed to have trained with some highly respected experts in
psychology, relationships, coaching, mindfulness, and spirituality (Jon
Kabot-Zinn for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Terry Real from The
Relational Life Institute, Richard Swartz from Internal Family Systems
Therapy and Loch Kelly of the Open Hearted Awareness Institute). In addition
I’m a Coach U graduate, a Certified Addictions Counselor and a Certified
Hakomi Psychotherapist. Hakomi is a mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

When not immersed in coaching others, I enjoy travel, all kinds of music,
(currently playing the ukulele for the fun of it), spirituality, and
spending time enjoying my family and friends. Married since 1994, I’m madly
in love with my wife, Dot.

Today I offer a range of services from individual coaching, pre-marital
counseling, couples coaching, to mindfulness training with individuals and

To contact me please email me at, phone (856) 371-4704 or visit many website