“Rejuvenate” 10-Week Teacher Rejuvenation Program

November 3, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
*Virtual Via Zoom
Anna Marie Hrivnak, M.Ed. and Cort Hrivnak, MS, MA.

Join Us For A FREE Introductory Zoom Trailer on this Tuesday Sept 1st, from 7 – 8 PM

Tuesdays on Zoom 7:00pm-8:00pm | September 15-November 17, 2020

 $30 for the 10-week series

Teachers are experts at planning and preparation.  During these challenging times of ongoing uncertainty and rapid changes, the importance of resilience, adaptability, and dealing with ambiguous loss is more important than ever. This rejuvenating series will focus on identifying strengths, gathering supports, encouraging self-care and providing resources that can uplift and relieve the daily challenges inherent to this upcoming (school) year.

This ten-week rejuvenation program (September 15-November 17, 2020) is designed to offer a respite for teachers. Although specifically geared for teachers, the program offers strategies applicable to individuals interested in rejuvenating their own journey during these unprecedented times and all are welcome.

While the program will not address specific restrictions and policy changes, it will provide ways to cultivate a personal environment conducive to dis-empowering negative and upsetting circumstances.

Cornerstones of the program…

  • Resilience Strategies
  • Impact of Ambiguous Loss
  • Power of Identifying Strengths
  • Importance of Adaptability
  • Guest Speakers on Mental, Emotional, & Physical Well Being

What the program is and is not…

  • The program will focus on positive psychology versus stressful and frustrating daily challenges.
  • The program will provide ways to cultivate an environment (internally and externally) conducive to growth versus becoming overwhelmed by resistance to dis-empowering (negative) circumstances.
  • The design of the program is to NOT allow daily frustrations, constant changes, restrictions, anxieties, and the unpredictability of future events to overwhelm and consume us.

Cost – $30.00 for the 10-week series*

* (*The $30 program fee is offered to make it attainable for all to attend. It is coupled with an opportunity to offer a donation to sustain the ongoing costs associated with running a comprehensive outreach program.)

For more information and to receive the program registration form and Zoom link for the free September 1st Trailer, email teachers.rejuvenate.program@gmail.com. If you miss the Sept 1st Zoom Trailer live, please email us for the YouTube link.

(*Click HERE to view a downloadable PDF Of This Programs Details. To download a free PDF viewer for your computer or mobile device, click here.)

About the Facilitators:

  • This program is presented by The Starting Point practitioners, Anna Marie Hrivnak, M.Ed. and Cort Hrivnak, MS, MA. Anna Marie’s 37 years in the teaching profession, her experience as an Assistant Principal and her work as a school counselor, provide a strong foundation for her work. Anna Marie’s profound understanding of the psychological effects of stress from everyday life and past traumas give her a wide range of connected experiences when working with her clients.
  • Cort’s work focuses on breaking unhealthy and unhelpful patterns.  He believes negative factors can be challenged and transformed into positive, life giving tools. Cort seeks to assist his clients in growing and developing their ideal self by cooperatively developing a therapeutic plan that suits the individual client’s strengths and needs.

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