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The Healing Sounds of Music

By Marie B Olwell, M.Ed., D. Min.   The sound of music has the ability to repair aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment as well as to restore us to spiritual wholeness. Sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being and helps us get to the source of inner peace we […]

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Practice Gratitude and Create Well-Being

Geoff Farnwsworth, Life & Relationship Coach “Be joyful even when you have considered all the facts.” —Wendell Berry Gratitude is a concrete tool that we can use to become happier and healthier. Seeing life as a gift rather than an entitlement puts us into a state of appreciation or “grace.” This requires a shift in thinking […]

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Which Wolf Do you Feed?

By Cort Hrivnak   One of the realizations I have come to understand is how important it is for each of us to be aware of how our life experience is influenced by where and what we choose to put our focus on. I think this idea is best illustrated in the following story that […]

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