Be Part of the 4-H Recovery Club!

Honesty – personal and with others. Being Honest will help bring sanity into your life.
If you are honest, you won’t have to remember what you said.

Humility be humble. This is a gift that only you can give to yourself.
When you have humility, you become open and teachable, which is the only way to achieve personal growth.

Humanness – we all have faults and failures. We all experience the ups and downs of life. It’s ok to make mistakes. That’s what makes us human. Learn forgiveness, not just for others, but also for yourself.

Humor – Humor is the ability to have fun and laugh. So laugh at yourself and go have some fun!
He who can laugh at himself will never cease to be amused

There are no dues for this club – only rewards!

(Reprinted from The Starting Point Newsletter Spring 2002, Vince DiPasquale’s Lecture Series: Steps 1-3)