A Little Rain Must Fall …

The results are in from this year’s Annual Brian Sullivan Memorial Golf Classic in support of The Starting Point!


First Place Team

Pinelands in Medford

  •  Wesley Roller
  •  Ryan Osterloff
  •  Matt Blomquis
  •  Jay Fanelli


Second Place Team      

My Friend’s House

  • Rob Laguarina, Jr.
  • Michael Dulude
  • Matt Curran


Third Place Team

Ambrosia Treatment Centers

  • Joe Curran
  • Dickie Noles
  • Al Myers
  • Eric Young


Most Fun to Watch 


  • Gary Borger
  • Ron Rubin
  • Jack Ingram
  • Nolan Hampton

Tuesday morning was the perfect day for golf!  Granted, we had a little rain, but our golfers didn’t seem to mind at all.  Good thing we wrapped up by 1 pm or they would have needed a boat rather than a golf cart!

On behalf of Vince, our Board of Directors and myself, I would like to thank our golfers and their companies for supporting The Starting Point during these extremely challenging times.  Even though you may have missed the opportunity to join us for golf, your donations are most welcome and can be made via our website https://startingpoint.org/donations/.

Please support the businesses (listed below) that so generously support The Starting Point.


Kindest regards,


Loretta Depka
Executive Director