Starting Monday Sept 10: Charting The Course Of Your Spirit 4-Part Lecture Series

This lecture series is based upon Marge Small’s experiences as a mental health practitioner and her book entitled “Floating Downstream – , One Step At  A Time.” Info on the book can be seen here..

This book and the associated lecture series provides helpful insights on learning how to dismantle falsehoods about ourselves. It is formatted as a book of reflections and journal exercises. After each reflection you will find a perspective reframing that we call “Downstream Thoughts.” Each downstream thought is a “reframe,” which means that it presents a positive shift in our thinking, a flexing of our spiritual muscle, so-to-speak, and a deepening of our spiritual connection. Finally, at the end of each Downstream Thought are wonderful journaling exercises that will assist you in charting the course of your journey of spirit.

Margaret is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor and an International Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with over thirty-four years of experience She holds a degree in Human Service Work and is Trained in Evidence-Based Practices. She is also a practitioner at The Starting Point of New Jersey.