Thought Of The Month – February 2018

By Vince DiPasquale

Welcome to a very special month, one which highlights the theme of love. In the month of February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. The world looks at the word “love” in a strange way. Cards, flowers, and candy are sold and, like everything else, the day has been turned into a business.

Let’s take some time to look at love – in a truly spiritual sense. At the moment of our birth, we were perfect lovers. We came into the world and entered into a family. As children we begin our search for our spiritual needs. Each person searches for the five elements that will teach them the real meaning of love. The first need is to be around people who will help us to feel safe. The strongest need we have in life is to feel safe. The energy of love cannot flourish without safety. No one can experience growth unless they feel safe. A family is supposed to be a place where a child can feel safe. As adults we need to create a strong, healthy support system for our families so that they may continue their journeys in love.

The second element is that all love must be unconditional. People come into our lives to help us learn about ourselves. All love must be unconditional or it will be destroyed. Love is an energy that must be free. If conditions are put on love, its growth will be stifled. To truly love another you must give them their wings so that they can fly on their own journey. The greatest gift you can give to another is the gift of acceptance. To love someone is to allow them to be themselves without conditions or controls.

The third element is that love needs the gift of intimacy. True love must be shared. This great gift needs to be connected to others. All of our growth comes from our interaction with others. True love must be shared in different ways with many people. The energy of love is contagious. If you have the courage to share it, you will receive it back a hundredfold. This is how love grows. It is the energy that can affect all those whom we come into contact with. Truly love oneself is a gift that you will share with others. The energy within you will be shared with others and it will flow from you. True love must be positive. It can’t exist in a negative world. True love is a great healer and anything negative cannot last in its presence. Remember, we are all lovers. Don’t be afraid to share your gift.

The fourth element of love is its need to laugh and play. Learning to let go is getting out of our heads. Sometimes we think too much. Love must flow freely and when we play and socialize with others, we learn to enjoy life. We have to learn to laugh at life. Even when things are tough it helps to laugh and let go. I’ve learned that when I’m around my grandkids everything else is forgotten. We are by nature social creatures. All of our learning comes from our connection to others. We all need playmates, because at heart we are all children. We can learn so much from children about enjoying life. Take time to play and socialize. It’s the secret of life and love.

The fifth element is ourselves. Each one of us is a gift from God. We are lovers created by God. It is our responsibility to answer the age-old question of every lover born: “Who am I, what’s my history, and how can I continue to learn the answer to these questions?” We are a divine people each on our own journey. Each person who comes into our lives is there to teach us how to love. Don’t be afraid to learn to love yourself so that you will have this great energy to share with others. The journey of our life is to look at life – each and each day – as a gift. Every person who enters our life helps us to continue the journey of growing – in the spirit of love. It is the energy that can bring us to a sense of inner peace. When we are at peace with ourselves, we will be at peace with others. Love is the gift of healing, forgiveness, and growth. Without it life has no meaning. Each one of us has these gifts, and it is our responsibility to develop them.

February is the month of love. Each day is a Valentine’s Day for us to rediscover the beautiful energy of love, our gift from God. My prayer is that each day we will grow more positive and be filled with the energy of love for ourselves and for others.